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Even a man who is pure in heart
and says his prayers by night.
May become a wolf,
when the wolfsbane blooms
and the autumn moon is bright.

Saw 'The Wolfman' today it was good and very gory.

I think I've got wii finger(s), I bought a wii with sports resort just over a month ago and for a month I've had swollen fingers and ow they hurt. But, god, the wii is fun! At the moment I'm addicted to Table Tennis.

Today was baby Thomas' christening and as a Godparent I had to stand at the front of the church with no idea of what was going on. Mainly because Malcolm, the vicar, 'doesn't believe in rehearsals'! Apart from the baby being late for the service nothing really happened. Hopefully the funeral we're going to tomorrow will also run as smoothly, though as we've got to go to Romford I'm sure we'll get lost at some point! 

A few things

So a little bit has happened over the last couple of weeks both at home and at work. At home, the niece has come down with Laryngitis and has been diagnosed as being allergic to Penicillin (family thing then!) The mother in law has had a close encounter with the pavement and looks like she's gone 3 rounds with Mike Tyson, she's fine by the way. Lost a tooth and looks rather swollen but she looks much better now it's all going down. We're gonna wrap her in bubblewrap for the foreseeable future!

At work, besides the castle suffering from a rather nasty attack of carpet beetle, it's been rather quiet. Apart from when one of the maintenance men (now ex) punched one of the gardeners in the Rose Garden (sounds painful doesn't it!?) He thought the gardener was having an affair with his girlfriend; despite it only being weeks after said girlfriend found the maintenance boyfriend in bed with another woman o_O
And next week the Duke of Kent will be arriving at Hever, with lots of police, to open the new Biomass boiler, which keeps breaking down! According to sources it's burning the fuel so fast it starts to burn itself as well, not good apparently. I dunno, all I know is that it's supposed to be ecologically friendly, hopefully they'll sort out all the little niggles very soon    
:- )  

Holiday Piccies

I'm very sorry but my computer eally seems to hate lj cuts and refuses to allow them.........bastard thing














This photo was taken by the hubby. When we got home he zoomed in on the mausoleum on the left and is convinced there's the torso of a person (ie a ghost) behind the glass doors. As you go pass on the bus you can see the coffins inside *yech*  


I hate coming home after a weeks holiday. You start to settle in, get a feel for your new location, begin to relax after the stress of the airports and so on and so forth. Then bam back to the airport with more stress because the bloody new passport thingies won't work and no ones around to help. An interesting takeoff, 3 hours of turbulence and then back home in good, ole Blighty where it's faithfully raining.


Madeira is glorious. All the flowers were out and so were the little lizards. The people are friendly and the food is incomparable. Got loads of photos (don't worry I won't be downloading all 300 on you!) Our flight was supposed to be at 7am monday 20th. We got to the airport at 5, got on the plane, we taxed out of the stand, then promptly went straight back and parked. The plane was broken, it's left engine wouldn't fire properly. So after an hour of them trying to fix it they shoved us back into a bus and back to the departure lounge. An hour later we went back and boarded a different plane which worked (Thank God) and finally took off at 10.15. I spent the week exploring Funchal and learning that Madeirans may be laid back but put them behind a wheel and they go nuts. Never get in a bus/coach with a Madeiran driver when they're going to be using the backroads. My parents got the shit scared out of them in a bus and the Hubby and I almost had a head on with a coach. We were going to Nun's valley on a tiny mountain road. Hairpin bends, a mountain wall on the right and a 1000ft sheer drop on the other, yeah that was fun.......... Jose, our driver, routinely put his seatbelt and his bluetooth on at the same time as he drove down a hill and he didn't seem to like getting out of 2nd gear despite his speed. Other than that he was very pleasant and knew his horticulture.

Lots and lots of old people despite the near vertical aspect of the place. We were chatting to a local and they described Madeira as the Island of the newly weds and the nearly deads. Also as you've probably gathered they love flowers, especially Orchids and the Bird of Paradise plant. Unknown to us we arrived just before the flower festival, the parade on sunday lasted 2 hours! I'll choose some photos and will post them a bit later.

My flat is so quiet! Curlybird has started his holiday and is, at this very moment, annoying my brother in law. The hubby took him round there this afternoon while I was at work. I left home this morning at 7.40 and he was chirruping away. Got home at about 6.20pm and he was gone! Tomorrow we've got to pack up Amber's belongings and ship her off to my friends house in Hartfield, East Sussex, where she'll be holidaying with 3 other dogs and 4 cats.
The castle cleaners are to get a 4th!!! Her name is Yasmin and she's the 17 year old daughter of one of Hever's maintenance men, Gail. Finally we can have proper, whole, days off; most of the time we get half days, work til 11am then go home and although the castle is relatively small getting up at 6am 11 days on the trot can knacker anyone. My last whole day off was tuesday 7th april. 
I've got a busy day tomorrow and a very early bedtime so I probably won't be around til monday 27th April. I may be able to have a quick look 2moro before bed but that's only if we're ahead of schedule...........stranger things have happened so you never know ;- ) 


It was wonderful to finally meet you Tamise, you'll keep in touch won't you!?!
I've had an interesting few weeks unfortunately; a run in with the largest pothole on the face of this earth! And of course a subsequent run in with the council over said pothole, my dented alloy and 2, ripped to shreds, tyres. The hubby and I wanted to sell our car (the Renault) the next day so I had to fork out for tyres and try to save our alloy, which succeded *yay*
We now have a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 easytronic in Panacotta Silver?!? It's weird to drive as there isn't a clutch so you just have to push the gearstick forward or back. It feels like your forgetting to do something and the car will stall but it doesn't and it's all weird. Will take a while to get used to it.
Yay I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks! I'm off to Madeira with the hubby and my parents. My mum is 60 so we're going there as a treat for her. Luckily my aunt has a timeshare penthouse apartment o_O and she's kindly lent us that. So all we've paid for is our plane tickets. I'm hoping it won't be too hot as I don't do well in the heat. All the websites I've visited said between 20 and 25, I can deal with that. The mother in law gets to have my Curlybird for a week and my mate Kim has agreed to take Amber. That'll be an interesting household for a week!!! Kim's got 4 Abbysinian cats and 3 dogs of her own, add a bounding labrador to that - Wahey!!! The brother is looking after my mum's 2 cats so when we come home they'll be fat and pissed off. 

Now I know why I don't go on holiday too often.

Deep cleaning cont........

So far Jan, sarah and I have cleaned - the public rooms
  • The Morning Room
  • The Library
  • The Entrance Hall
  • The Drawing Room
  • The Dining Room
  • Book Of Hours
  • Anne Boleyn's Bedroom and Alcove
  • The Queen's Chamber
  • Henry VIII Room
  • Waldegrave Room (aka The Rochford Room)
  • The Staircase Gallery
  • The 3 Dog Kennel Bedrooms
The non public rooms - the Study, Lady Irene's bathroom, the Ivory room, Minstrels Gallery, the Inner Halls Balcony, Philip's bedroom (right at the top of the house - full of dead bees *yuck*) plus all the corridors and landings. We've got 2 weeks left, minus the 25th Feb cause that's Induction Day and only half days, the 13th and 19th, because J and S are off to see Go West gigs. And we still have at least 6 rooms to finish. Tomorrow we're starting in the Long Gallery and today I discovered that the mannequins are Bald!!!!
Well Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr have a halo of hair over the front of their heads from ear to ear! I'll get a photo when we strip and hoover them ; -p